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St. Anne's High School & Junior College

Mission and Vision

As educators, we at St. Anne’s believe that our students should be focussed and have a direction and a goal in life. To this end we strive, upholding the uniqueness and specialness of every child entrusted to our care.
The history of St Anne’s tells us that right from its inception, from the days of its infancy and childhood, under the aegis of the “Church of Our Lady of Lourdes” and its pastors, St. Anne’s has zealously worked to realize its catholic mission and vision of nourishing and nurturing the intellectual, aesthetic and moral growth of the child with a view to educational excellence and life long learning. St. Anne’s High School, is a privately administered government aided institution and is recognized by the Maharashtra State Board of Education.
St. Anne’s High School is established and administrated by the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes which is a Roman Catholic Church. The School is under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mumbai. The School aims primarily at the education of the catholic community around and to the extent possible, of the members of all other communities. The School stands for academic excellence, development of skills and the service of man as modeled on Jesus Christ, with a view to training citizens distinguished for their all around development and sincere commitment to God and country.


The school motto reads ??????? ???????? ??? “With Love and faith alone.” The school wishes to bring out the best in the child by believing in the child, in his specialness and by loving him into the fullness of life.

Mission – Vision Integration

The Staff and Management incessantly strive to create at St. Anne’s an environment wherein every child will blossom and grow into a well balanced personality equipped to face the world. The participation and performance of our students in different spheres of life only goes to show that St. Anne’s High School is indeed a name to reckon with.The commendable results every year at all levels in the academic sphere are a consequence of the meticulous planning of the syllabus and the time table and the innovative methods of teaching.
The teaching – learning process is made more interesting, practical and viable through programmes, films, documentaries and school assemblies telecast via the closed circuit T.V. A new well equipped audio visual with advanced gadgets is the latest addition to the already existing infrastructure of the school. On the national front St. Anne’s believes in producing citizens worth the name. St. Anne’s constantly strives to foster in students a fraternal feeling, and a spirit of love and loyalty to their Alma mater, their state and country through the special programmes organized on national days and events of historic importance and also through the regular class assemblies and value education lessons.
Living in an age of Science and Technology, it is our constant endeavour to aid and abet the existing curriculum by fuelling a spirit of enquiry among our students. Students are encouraged to participate in school and inter-school Science Exhibitions. Visits to Nehru Planetarium, symposiums at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research are also organized.The Aids Awareness programme for the staff, parents and students is conducted every year as per the requirement of the department and the ABE, in order to build an informed generation that is prepared to face the society with confidence, responsibility and integrity.
In order to create an awareness in students about the ever changing world around them and sensitize them to their environment the Nature Club and Science Club takes the initiative to organize various activities like bird watching, star gazing, water harvesting, vermiculture, tree planting and campaigning against the use of plastic. Art and aesthetics express the conceptions and the innermost feelings and sentiments of the artist. The art of rhetoric and oratory is given due importance at St. Anne’s.Our intra-school and inner school Quiz and art and oratory competitions help showcase the talents and skills of our students while providing a platform to meet and compete with other school students and thus develop confidence and poise in the sphere of public speaking.
The school magazine is a medium whereby the children display their literary and aesthetic skills and it is moreover a medium which stimulates thinking out of the box.
Sports is an important subject in the school curriculum. Like the late Arthur Ashe, the world famous and one time Wimbledon Tennis Champion, we believe that “Sports can teach you so much about yourself, your emotions and character and how to be resolute in moments of crisis and how to fight back from the brink of defeat”. We therefore endeavour to equip our students with some form of sporting activity and hence special coaching is provided in the various disciplines of hockey, football, cricket and athletics.


स्नेहने श्रद्धया चैव
“With Love and faith alone.”